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Megalithic Ireland

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17.09.2008 23:01, Deborah Shuker E-mail :
I came across your site looking for information about the Reask/ Riasc stone which I had visited and photographed. We also went to Browne's Dolmen and were very impressed.

Your photos show many of the stones are not fenced off from the stock. Doesn't this put them at risk ? Your photographs therefore could be a treasured archive in the future.

Your site is so interesting and information with the photos so succinct that I am tempted to come back and see more.
New Zealand

22.08.2008 02:51, J. Nemec Homepage :
A wonderful collection of photos, brings the experieince of Knowth full circle, thanks!

(full spiral? :)

06.06.2008 21:28, Michael Farrell from Cavan E-mail :
Really good site especially the directions you include. Some of the sites I never even knew existed! Only gripe is that some of your historical info is not completely accurate. You're a pretty good photographer though!

05.06.2008 20:50, declan cloonan E-mail :
I enjoyed your site, it was very informative and I discovered sites that I dident think exsisted. I look forward to visit them.
Declan Cloonan

20.05.2008 01:47, John Donnellan from Ireland E-mail :
It is more than a pleasure to browse your more than remarkable website which is not only pleasing to the eye, but informative, and entices one to investigate many of these beautiful places in person...
The intimate and personal approach really makes a visitor like myself feel very welcome indeed.
Truly a "labour of love"....

14.05.2008 11:38, Jim Dempsey Homepage :
Welcome to the Megalithic Ireland guestbook. Please feel free to comment, it would be great to receive feedback from you. Thanks.

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Entries: 86
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