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Megalithic Ireland

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05.11.2009 17:56, Mike Sackmary from Austin TX E-mail :
Jim - AMAZING website. I only had 7 days in Ireland and because of your site, I was able to locate some amazing megalithic sites. Thanks for the website!

26.09.2009 02:34, Natalia from Argentina E-mail :
Hi, I came across your site by chance I just love it! I will be visiting Ireland all by myself in November and I wish I could visit ALL of the sites listed here but I don't think I'll be able to, unless you want to be my tour guide!

Kind regards from Argentina!

23.07.2009 06:05, barb lewis from ohio :
wow. . . . . I was blessed with opportunity to visit a few of these sites. NEVER did I dream of documenting them as you have done. What gorgeous work you have accomplished here !

20.07.2009 18:36, Rick from Lisburn E-mail :
Great site,very informative shall be using it to plan future days out

12.04.2009 22:49, Aishling O'Neill from Ireland E-mail Homepage :
I came across you're website looking for info on Fore Abbey and was really surprised and delighted that you have so much info on all different Abbeys, Crosses, Stones etc. I'm a photographer living in Longford and have a love for photographing these kind of things.

I love all you're photos and info it makes me want to visit all the different places myself and photograph them too!!! :D

I will be keeping an eye on this site as it is very hard to find one like it.

Keep up the good work!!!

Here is a shot I took myself of Abbeyshrule Abbey!!!

Please be sure to check out my photography here on flickr you might see something you like and as soon as I visit Fore I'm sure I will have some photos up of it too!!!

Hope you had a nice Easter!!!
I will visit again soon!!!


08.04.2009 18:58, Paula Dempsey Nunnery from Plant City, FL, USA E-mail :
Dear Jim,

I discovered your site by remarkable coincidence! Thanks for the lovely photos. I have a cousin also named Jim Dempsey, he lives in Savannah, GA, USA.

Please know that all your long lost relatives on the US side of the pond support your work.

Best wishes,

14.03.2009 11:51, Michael McFergus E-mail :
I envy you that you have done what I have wanted to do for a long time. I have been interested it the High Crosses and Celtic design for over forty years, since I was in art school. Exceptional site with excellent photographs. Thanks Mike

16.01.2009 09:47, Dick Francis from ir/br E-mail :
Excellent site, what's the raison d'etre?
Thanks and kind rgds

03.12.2008 19:29, Michael Dougherty from irish E-mail :
Thank You.

09.11.2008 08:27, catherine Billups E-mail :
your site is wonderful. Thank you.

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Entries: 86
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