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Megalithic Ireland

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Entries: 83
18.06.2010 19:34, Ed Shevlin from USA E-mail :
Very impressive site; great pix of Donegal and other sites. Would like to get back there soon, but being over 75 I can't rent a car in Ireland! I don't want to be on some of the back roads on a bike when someone comes zipping around a curve. If I can get back I'll work out of Ardara and see how far my thumb will take me. Great pix of sites I've seen and many more I wish I could. Great work! Ed

31.05.2010 12:33, SEAN STEPHENS from ATLANTA, GA USA E-mail Homepage :
What a wonderful site. I have visited Ireland a number of times to visit family and in some small way to remember myself. I have bicycled my way whenever I have had the chance and fondly remember leaving the road and making my way through some green field to stumble upon a site. I will make a careful study of this website before my next visit. Thank you for all your work.

Slainte, Sean

27.04.2010 01:40, R. Gormley from New York E-mail :
I found your site to be intriguing. I'll be traveling to Ireland in January 2011, and I'm looking forward to encountering the things you display on your site. Its very well put together and I appreciate it. Well done...

18.03.2010 19:28, Martin Mullen from Waterford E-mail Homepage :
A great site and beautifully illustrated with excellent photography!

10.02.2010 17:39, Jim Dempsey from Staffordshire. UK E-mail Homepage :
I happened upon your informative site whilst researching my father's roots (Hacketstown). I did go there once - I was only 6 months old (1949). Sadly we never got back - my fathers passed on now. I'll come back for a more complete look at some of the things I've missed all these years. Very best regards, Jim

17.12.2009 14:46, KArl Bergin :
Great site, well done on providing it !

13.11.2009 14:17, Francis X. Shannon from USA E-mail :
Can't wait to get over there and see much of this for myself.

05.11.2009 17:56, Mike Sackmary from Austin TX E-mail :
Jim - AMAZING website. I only had 7 days in Ireland and because of your site, I was able to locate some amazing megalithic sites. Thanks for the website!

26.09.2009 02:34, Natalia from Argentina E-mail :
Hi, I came across your site by chance I just love it! I will be visiting Ireland all by myself in November and I wish I could visit ALL of the sites listed here but I don't think I'll be able to, unless you want to be my tour guide!

Kind regards from Argentina!

23.07.2009 06:05, barb lewis from ohio :
wow. . . . . I was blessed with opportunity to visit a few of these sites. NEVER did I dream of documenting them as you have done. What gorgeous work you have accomplished here !

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Entries: 83
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