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Megalithic Ireland

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09.05.2014 20:30, Bridie Lawlor from Ireland E-mail :
St. Mullins Monastic Site
St. Moling was born in 614 near Brosna, Co. Kerry. This year is the 1400th anniversary of his birth. Join us for special celebrations on Feast of St. Moling, June 17th and the annual Pattern (Pilgrimage) on July 20th. Email:

Note. The Holy Well has not been dry in recent years, since the leak from the reservoir was repaired. The well is renowned for cures for ailments of the head. The tradition of placing children's heads under the flow of water from the spout, thought to protect them for the coming year, is still done.

Thank you for your extensive coverage of St. Moling's Monastic Site.

06.04.2014 16:29, Irmgard from Graz, Austria :
Great homepage with perfect information on sites and locations. Used a lot of it as a guideline during my visits to Ireland in 2012 and 2013. Hope to be back again this year. Please keep on this wonderful work!

04.04.2014 02:05, Sean Sheehan from Cody, WY, United States E-mail :
I am fascinated by human evolution and mythology. Toured many of the megalithic sites in 2005, would like to see them again.

18.03.2014 02:31, Sunnycelt :
Warm greetings from the upper Midwest of the US - home to 1/5 of the world's freshwater [in our Great Lakes] and the largest Irish music/cultural festival in the world - Milwaukee Irish Fest.

07.02.2014 11:26, wendy selway from UK E-mail :
Hello Jim - thank you sending me the two pictures of Killeshin Old Church and for allowing me to use one or both images. I have included in my genealogy the pic of the East window - and have referenced you via your e.mail address, is that correct or is there another ref I should have used?

Megolithic Ireland is a great website, and I shall use it as a guide when I next visit Ireland. Many thanks, Wendy Selway.

08.12.2013 23:18, John F. O'Sullivan from Mourneabbey, Mallow E-mail :
I am very impressed with your site, the work put into it and the info. supplied.The mix of the short but adequate archaeological references, folklore and clear site descriptions works very well to garner the interest of the web surfer thinking of visiting Ireland or the home surfer looking learn about some of the 'Hidden Jewels' of this Ancient and Historic Land.

02.10.2013 19:34, Rose from United States E-mail :
Magalithic Ireland is truly an impressive body of work. What beautiful photography! And, how extremely useful and detailed are the generously shared Google maps. Congratulations, you are creating something absolutely amazing here.

10.08.2013 14:57, Hebert McGinnis from Tennessee, USA E-mail :
Thank you for the wonderful website you have created on ancient Ireland. I have visited the Dingle Peninsula and will do so again- the next time much more informed.

05.04.2013 03:06, Yukito from Yokohama from JAPAN E-mail Homepage :
Hello Yukito from JAPAN.Your hp is very good and help for me.I want to travel your country for watch stones in this year.All your news is real.thank you!

[Baur South Wedge Tomb] location is no good.please refine.

28.11.2012 21:28, Richard Mercer from Calgary, Alberta E-mail :
How would you classify New Grange?

Cahergal Stone Fort , Kerry, from your picture looks very similar in structure.

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Entries: 81
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