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Megalithic Ireland

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Entries: 86
08.08.2015 07:10, Charles McIntyre Jr from Whidbey Island WA USA E-mail :
Palmist, Wiccan, Medicine Man, Jungian, seeking
knowledge of ancients, native American bloodline

05.08.2015 19:42, Diana in California :
We are planning our first trip to Ireland and your website is a valued resource. My husband is a photographer and wants to photograph Neolithic sites, and you have given us great inspiration. Your photography on your website is very good. Thank you SO much for sharing this wealth of knowledge and information.

09.07.2015 19:45, Finbarr from Limerick E-mail Homepage :
I was very interested to hear you describe Ardpatrick Round Tower as the most beautiful site you've visited. It is indeed a spectacular location; us natives perhaps take it too much for granted.

24.06.2015 21:14, Michael E-mail :
Hi folks, there is some sort of stone circle neat dromid in kerry that I could not see in your site.
It's about half way up bean dubh mountain.

Here is a link

19.06.2015 01:56, Ralf from Stuttgart Germany E-mail :
Thats wonderfull to have such a site! - I am really happy about it!

And I thought first there wouldnt be so much, looking to the offical touristic publications.

thanks a lot!


16.05.2015 17:05, Lois from Ukiah, CA United States E-mail :
I'm currently traveling in Ireland and using your information to find some of these sites. This is a great website.

11.03.2015 20:36, Damien Henry from Meath E-mail :
Brilliant site... We'll done.

22.02.2015 19:42, PATRICK W RHAMES from Fresno, Ca. USA E-mail Homepage :
Just a note to express my gratitude and admiration for the work you do on your website.

I have used it extensively researching sites to photograph and recently spent 18 days on your island doing just that. I could not have been nearly as successful without your exemplary work.[center]

17.02.2015 09:11, David from State of Arkansas, USA E-mail :
What a lovely and well-research website! The photographs and descriptions are beautiful. One gets a real feel for the deep history of the Green Isle by visiting here.

29.01.2015 23:01, Anna from SC USA E-mail :
I have been looking at this site for years. I love reading the inviting stories about each site. What a great job of putting this together. We here in the US get our fairy tales from Ireland. So, to us it's a magical place full of rich history, legends and of course leprechauns and fairies!
Thanks for such a great website. I'll be back!

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Entries: 86
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