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Megalithic Ireland

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Entries: 83
10.06.2016 15:51, Mary McGraw from Delaware USA E-mail :
Wonderful photos. I have been to many of the places, but you introduced me to new ones I have added to my list for this June. [quote]

25.02.2016 02:17, Lynne :
This is an absolutely amazing site! What a labor of love. I am planning a trip to Ireland and you have provided an invaluable resource. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

13.02.2016 06:04, Valerie from Colorado E-mail :
My husband and I recently spent 9 days in Ireland exploring ancient sites, with our information coming from your incredible site! Thank you for sharing the information with us, especially with directions! We so enjoyed "finding" the sites you described-sometimes it was very challenging to locate them, but then very exciting to have located them and photograph them. We appreciate the effort you have put in to informing us of the incredible history that Ireland holds! Thank you so much! I have done my best to place information on Trip Advisor to help others discover this beautiful part of Irish history.

16.01.2016 03:57, Bob Hatch E-mail :
I recently discovered my male DNA is traceable to a population of Irish males and now, through you information, I find a Hatch Castle. My dad looked nothing like an Irishman. He had black wavy hair and a ruddy complexion then somebody told me there were Black Irish who fit this description. Thanks.

07.01.2016 13:52, Ingo from Germany/Allgäu E-mail :
Great site! Very impressive! But I miss the Kilcrea Abbey near Aherla in the County Cork! Perhaps you can added the Abbey on your site?

21.11.2015 22:07, Lou Napier from Oklahoma, USA E-mail :
These are magical and amazing. I would love for these places to be on my bucket list. I am a sensitive, would love to even stand close to them.. As long as I was wearing protection..

22.10.2015 16:32, Allen Thomas from Las Cruces, New Mexico E-mail :
What a wonderful website. Very impressive. I'm using this site to plan my trip to Ireland. Thank you for your service.

08.08.2015 07:10, Charles McIntyre Jr from Whidbey Island WA USA E-mail :
Palmist, Wiccan, Medicine Man, Jungian, seeking
knowledge of ancients, native American bloodline

05.08.2015 19:42, Diana in California :
We are planning our first trip to Ireland and your website is a valued resource. My husband is a photographer and wants to photograph Neolithic sites, and you have given us great inspiration. Your photography on your website is very good. Thank you SO much for sharing this wealth of knowledge and information.

09.07.2015 19:45, Finbarr from Limerick E-mail Homepage :
I was very interested to hear you describe Ardpatrick Round Tower as the most beautiful site you've visited. It is indeed a spectacular location; us natives perhaps take it too much for granted.

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Entries: 83
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