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Megalithic Ireland

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01.03.2018 04:41, Ric Agelink from Detroit Michigan E-mail :
Top notch site. The wealth of information including coordinates of the various places is impressive. A great contribution to our knowledge base.

29.01.2018 14:22, Pablo from Cork E-mail :
Hi there,

thank you very much for your all your work on this web site. I will share it with my friends.
I couldn't find this place in Newmarket on Fergus that its worth the visit: Mooghaun Hillfort

03.12.2017 21:34, Séamus Mac Aogáin from La Gomera E-mail :
Congrats on a wonderful website. Living on the tiny island of La Gomera I'm constantly reminded of the Celtic influence on Europe and the Canarys in particular. There is even an island called after Saint Brendan the Navigator- La Isla de San Borondón where the Saint dropped anchor for provisions in the 6th c while on his way to discover the Americas

15.06.2017 23:13, Hedwig from The Netherlands E-mail :
Dear all, today we visited the st. Kevin's holy well at Glendalough, co. Wicklow. The site looks great, and there were many clooties there. Just to let you know. Thanks for the information, it is greatly appreciated.

02.05.2017 01:29, Doug Huggins from Colorado, USA E-mail :
This wonderful site is priceless in terms of being able to plan a trip to Ireland. I used it several years ago and it's been added to considerably. You can plot out a rough tour and then see what artefacts are in that area, with pictures, descriptions, and detailed directions on how to find the ones you choose to visit. This is an organized inventory and Atlas of historical and prehistoric sites, and should have earned you an honorary Degree from Trinity College or another appropriate institution. It's fascinating by itself but used as a tourguide, it's absolutely wonderful.
Thanks for all the work that went into this labor of love.

26.03.2017 19:51, Lynne Gillespie from Inishowen, Donegal E-mail :
Hi, firstly really enjoy this site so helpful and interesting.

We have seen what looks like remants of a stone circle (5 stones upright - one with a bit of fencing wrapped round it and a few others lying about), overlooking Lough Inn, on the west side of Grinlieve Mountain, can see it from road .Whitecastle/Black Point to Carndonagh. The farmer has fenced off the site, there's a step in place to step over barbed wire fencing providing access. Wondered if you knew anything about these. I have photos of it

12.03.2017 03:12, Mary Sullivan from Virginia Beach, Virginia E-mail :
As I was poking around for information of places to see on my trip in September I came across your site. I was amazed and delighted to find it and have bookmarked it. I have been to many of the places, found that I missed many places when I visited something right around the corner or perhaps it was right in the back of the church I visited. I will be using your site as I research many more places in Ireland. The pictures and write-ups are fantastic. Well done!!

09.03.2017 21:05, Samantha from Ashburn, Virginia USA E-mail :
I am planning our first trip to Ireland this summer and I came across your site during one of my internet searches. Your site is wonderful with all of the pictures and details of the various sites around Ireland that it has made my planning easier.

24.11.2016 04:34, Robert McCausland IV from Detroit, Michigan. USA E-mail Homepage :
Great site! Makes me want to visit all these great sites. The Irish blood in me pulls and fascinates me always with what is my past. Where did my ancestors come from? I'm pretty sure McCausland is as common of a last name as Smith or Jones is and it's hard to track down if it's actually Mac ausland or many versions of that. Hey, we probably all have a little Celtic blood in us somewhere. Great site and happy to see it updated so often as websites seem to be going to the wayside as Facebook eats the internet. I miss the days running a website. Keep it up! Happy Holidays!

22.09.2016 15:03, Patricia Sharkey from Kilflynn E-mail :
Thank you so much for the time, effort and the passion which you have put into this website. It's an unequaled font of knowledge. Well done and keep up the good work. And I must add, its so beautiful too.

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Entries: 86
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